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Opera Mini 8 for iOS touts new data-compression mode

The mobile browser from Opera gets a new revamped UI and another compression mode to help people on capped data plans or slow networks.

Opera Mini 8 offers two data-compression modes, in addition to no compression. Opera

Fans of Opera's mobile web browser have reason to cheer today -- the latest version of Opera Mini has been released in the Apple App Store.

Opera Mini 8 gets a new revamped UI that sports a flatter look that matches iOS 7. It also offers two modes for compressing data sent from its servers to the app, a feature that cuts down on network usage. That can be handy for people on capped data plans or slow networks. If you're on a mobile plan that has a low data cap, Opera's browser may be a preferable alternative to the default Safari browser on your phone.

The already-existing "Opera Mini mode" goes all out in squeezing every last drop of data savings -- up to 90 percent of compression -- and is meant for use in areas with poor network coverage. Of course, if you're reaching your data cap, this can be valuable too. This is the same feature available on the previous version of the browser.

The new "Opera Turbo mode" isn't as extreme and helps you save data while still offering website compatibility. Opera says this is the ideal browsing mode.

Those with unlimited data plans (or who don't really care about bursting the cap), can choose to surf the web with data savings turned off.

You can choose when and how to activate the modes by simply tapping on the Opera logo at the bottom of the browser.

Apart from the new data compression features, the revamp fits the styling of iOS 7 and offers a combined search and address bar similar to those in Chrome and Safari. Other features include the ability to convert URLs into QR codes for sharing and the ability to switch search providers -- you can toggle to IMBD or Wikipedia to finetune your search requests.

The iOS version of the app is available for download here.