Open Sources Episode 4: Now with guests!

Episode of Open Sources is all about the Enterprise.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
Dave Rosenberg has more than 15 years of technology and marketing experience that spans from Bell Labs to startup IPOs to open-source and cloud software companies. He is CEO and founder of Nodeable, co-founder of MuleSoft, and managing director for Hardy Way. He is an adviser to DataStax, IT Database, and Puppet Labs.
Dave Rosenberg

Matt Asay and I finally broke down and got a guest on our Open Sources podcast series. It wasn't that we didn't want to before, just that we were too stupid to figure out how to make Skype work properly.

In this episode we are joined by Robin Yellow, a British man-of-mystery (misery?) not unlike Austin Powers.


You can get the mp3 directly, or the OGG if you are feeling frisky.

* We discuss the furor of stupidity related to Macworld
* Matt refuses to answer questions with a simple yes/no
* Robin assures us that open source will thrive in the enterprise of the future
* We predict an iPhone killer in 2009

This podcast stuff is great for my incredibly painful carpal tunnel flare-up this week.