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Open source leech rails against open source companies

When you are an open source leech you should probably avoid calling other people names.

I'm sure these geniuses at PacketTrap posted this manifesto about why commercial open source is no good as part a misguided marketing attempt, but I feel it necessary to comment on just how stupid this is and why this kind of thing leads to a company's failure.

The CEO's argument essentially says commercial open source isn't fair because he can't take all the code (he highlights GPL products) and recast it as his own.

PacketTrap believes that the commercialization of open source by the POSS vendors such as Hyperic and GroundWork Open, however, skillfully undermines the original goal of open source projects to develop strong software solutions without the negative effects of commercial vendor profit motive.

It's interesting that he thinks that these companies are undermining the spirit of OSS when his company takes a bunch of OSS components, aggregates them and pretends like they did something new and exciting.

He also notes how his company is part of the community, yet doesn't state what projects the staff contributes to, nor could I find anything that they had open-sourced themselves.

After looking at the blog's header image of a guy with a plunger, an anonymous friend noted:
"If Hyperic is the cash register of open source, I guess that makes these guys the toilet."

The PDF "Integrating Open Source in Commercial Solutions: Does PacketTrap Have the Right Model?" is a great example of why you need PR help when you are a young company. Most people aren't smart enough to edit their own stupidity.