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Open Season is now Open Sources...enjoy Episode 1 of our new podcast series

Matt Asay and I never get tired of listening to each other talk.

It took us a few months to get our act together but Matt and I finally recorded our first episode of the new Open Sources podcast series last week.

We even setup to host the podcasts and aggregate our other content, namely our blogs and Twittering.

Sooner or later we'll move the podcast to CNET, but we were too low budget to use the good stuff for this test run. And we'll also have to make sure that we avoid foul language (we did) and that we have rights to the music (we don't) before we put the podcasts where we or others can get in trouble.

The goal is to get back to bi-weekly recording and our next recording will feature a special guest. If you want to be on the show drop Matt or I a line. Happy listening!