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Cat purr noise generator: All the purr, none of the fur

Get your feline fix with an online noise generator that soothes your soul with the sound of a cat purring.

Pet sounds without the fluff. Amanda Kooser/CNET

You might feel the desire to cuddle up to a kitty, set your ear against it and enjoy the calming purr sounds, but that doesn't mean your cat is willing to accommodate. Thank goodness for technology. A website has replaced the need to please your cat in exchange for a fleeting moment of fluff-covered vibrations.

Furry Friend is the name of an online cat purr noise generator available on myNoise, a site full of sound generators. Happy Monday, cat lovers.

This isn't just a cat-rumble on loop. The site gives you fine-tuning slider control over all aspects of the purr. Crank up the bass for a DJ-cat experience or turn up the high treble to make it sound like a Predator-esque alien cat from another world. The "Animate!" setting puts the sliders on autopilot, changing the sound every 5 seconds.

For a more intense experience, open the same noise generator in multiple browser windows and you can have a fleet of purring cats for your listening enjoyment.

MyNoise describes the experience as "The cat's purr, without the fleas and cat hair!" It's perfect for people with pet allergies, cat owners who are stuck at work and dog-people who want to sneak some cat action on the side.

Besides cats, myNoise also offers rain, thunder, crackling fire, cafe, didgeridoo, farm and railroad sound generators. If none of those are geeky enough for you, you should try the RPG Battlefield or RPG Dungeon options.

You don't have to be shackled to your computer to get your cat-purr fix. There's a free myNoise iOS app for taking your digital fur-friend with you.

Much like the game Cat Petting Simulator, the purr generator is a pleasant accompaniment, an antidote to the honking cars and constant chatter in our lives. It's not as good as sitting with your favorite feline, but it will do in a pinch.