One stop photo captions made simple with SuperLame

Caption your photos for humor, or general entertainment with Superlame.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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Here's a fun tool for play around with over the long weekend. It's called SuperLame, and it's a simple tool for adding speech bubbles over photos. It's missing out on some of the special effects found in other similar tools like Comeeko, but what it lacks in versatility it makes up for in flash and user experience. It's simply a joy to tag up a photo with captions, speech and thought bubbles. Best of all, the end result is total eye candy.

To make your own creation you can upload any old photo from your computer. There are just a few options to add the captions or bubbles to your photo, including small knobs to control the borders, shape and size. Each button pops with a little animation that's very fluid and organic, making it an experience on it own just to click on something. Kids will love it.

One nice thing about the tool is that it lets you go well outside of the photo if you've got a caption or bubble that needs to stick out. It will automatically add more space around the photo and save it with the additional border.

SuperLame is completely free to use, however it adds a small watermark to the bottom right hand corner of your images with a link back. There's no way to get it off without using additional photo editing soft or Webware, so if you're not keen on watermarking an image then use a similar tool like Fotoflexer, Picnik or Picbite (review).

SuperLame's image editor does only one thing (comicbook like speech bubbles), but does it well. CNET Networks