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One record McGwire doesn't hold

Slugger Mark McGwire may be the new single-season home run king, but the address "" is taken by someone else.

Now that he's the single-season record holder for home runs, St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire is one of the hottest sports marketing properties around.

But his Internet domain name, "," already is taken. The registrant is the "Mark McGwire WWW Fan Club," listing an administrative contact who also has registered other famous names, including "" and "," according to Internic.

The contact for the McGwire domain is Jim Salmon, who lists a physical address in California's San Fernando Valley. The Net name was registered in September 1996 and is not active. He could not be reached for comment.

The registration provides only the latest example of how anybody can play ball in Internet domains. The game does not come without risks, as country music artists have sued Salmon for registering the names of as many as 24 artists and redirecting traffic to porn sites.

McGwire fans need not be disappointed, however. Web sites dedicated to the baseball player include "Mark McGwire Multimedia Page" and "My Mark McGwire Shrine," among others.

"," the domain name for the Chicago Cubs right fielder who also is chasing the home-run record, is taken as well. According to Internic, it is registered to "Software Pub" of Akron, Ohio, as of July 1. There is no Web site yet, however.