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One of the first domain names ever registered goes up for auction

A piece of Internet history is up for bid in an auction of rare and high-end domain names.

You could be the proud new owner of

Heritage Auctions

Let's go back in time to August 31, 1987. Madonna and Whitney Houston were burning up the pop charts. Mobile phones were the size of bricks and few people were even thinking about the Internet. That was the day that was registered. All these years later, it's up for auction to the highest bidder.

According to auction house Heritage Auctions, was the 85th name taken once domain name registrations were opened up to the world. The very first domain name registered was way back in 1985. is up for bid along with a large group of desirably memorable domain names, including,, and the much-coveted two-letter domain name The domain name is also on offer, which should be tempting for fans of the highly caffeinated Jolt Cola.

A live auction will take place April 19 in San Francisco, but online bidding is already under way. is one of the most popular options, with bidding already hitting $75,000 (about £52,600, AU$98,600). If that's too rich for your blood, you might check out a relative bargain like, which is up to just $3,750 (about £2,600, AU$4,900).

In 2014, Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi spent $3.6 million to buy It's no surprise that the two-letter is the star of the auction group so far, hitting $300,000 (about £210,000, AU$394,500) in early bidding.

So what's the least popular domain name at this point?,, and are all tied at the bottom with bidding at a mere $100 apiece. If you happen to make plaid jackets, this could be your lucky day.