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One consumer in five uses the Web via TV -- survey

That includes TV sets and set-top boxes, and a lot of it seems to involve streaming shows or movies. Even so, 44 percent said that they have no interest in doing so.


Televisions were once a reprieve from the online world. Now they're turning into just another way to stay connected.

In a new study published today, research firm NPD revealed that 18 percent of consumers across 14 countries, including the U.S. and U.K., access Web-based services and media from their televisions. That figure includes both people connecting to the Web from their televisions, as well as through set-top boxes hooked up to their sets.

NPD found that 25 percent of consumers who view online services from their televisions do so "several times a week."

Vendors have been making it much easier on consumers to stream online TV shows and movies on their televisions. A host of TV makers, including Samsung and Vizio, offer built-in applications in some of their sets. Several Blu-ray makers allow consumers to connect to the Web and access other services. Even game consoles offer access to the Internet.

But NPD also found many folks unwilling to join the Web stampede in the living room. Some 44 percent said that they "have no interest in viewing Internet content on TVs." Another 30 percent of respondents said that they don't own the devices they need to make it happen.