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Oliver Stone wants you to 'turn off your phone,' possibly forever

The "Snowden" director explains why phones are great for watching cat videos but bad for keeping your online activities private from an all-seeing government.

Controversial filmmaker Oliver Stone's latest project, "Snowden," takes a closer look at the life of an American people either view as a traitor or a hero for being an NSA whistleblower -- Edward Snowden.

In an unusual PSA called "Snowden - Oliver Stone 'Turn Off Your Phone" posted on YouTube Wednesday to promote the movie, the filmmaker reminds us that smartphones are a fun way to watch cute animal videos, but they can also be used to track our every move.

"The information you put out into the world voluntarily is enough to burn your life to the ground," Stone says in the dramatic video posted by Open Road Films. "This will be our undoing."

Even if Stone sounds slightly paranoid, he does suggest, with a bit more levity, that everyone watching "Snowden" inside a movie theater should turn off their phones. "Snowden," which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead role, debuts in theaters worldwide in September.