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Oh goodie, Google+ now allows animated gifs as profile pics

Hide your eyes. The search engine's social network is embracing the lively images as profile pics on desktop and mobile.

Google software engineer Matt Steiner animates his profile pic on Google+.
Matt Steiner/Google+
Everyone's favorite social network has added everyone's favorite feature. That's right, Google+ is now supporting animated gifs as profile pics.

"Our gif to you. You can now use animated gifs for your profile photo," the official Google+ account announced Monday afternoon.

The animated gif profile pic performs its ceaseless looping act on both desktop and mobile, but only on profile pages. Thankfully, those who hate the lively images -- this reporter included, as you may have guessed -- won't have to endure animated avatars as friends post to the stream, save for the occasional "so and so changed his profile photo" update.

Expectedly, commenters on the announcement post are either pissed or pleased about the news. A few obligatory "awesome" comments were interspersed between several "this sucks"-like reactions.

"I thought about making one of these, and then I remembered.....I'm not an idiot," Google+ user Bill Archinal wrote in comment.

Meanwhile, Al Hunt asked whether G+ users could auto-block people using the animated gifs. And poor Carles Company Soler wondered what we've done to deserve such punishment. I'm with you, Carles.