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Amazon mistakenly sends baby registry emails to non-parents

Many recipients of gift alert don't have a baby registry. Or even plans to have a baby, for that matter.


If you aren't expecting, getting notified a baby gift is on the way is, well, unexpected.

Amazon caught a handful of customers off guard Tuesday by sending emails informing them of purchases that were made from their baby registry. The reason for the surprise: Many of those receiving the email don't have a baby registry or even plans to have a baby.

The email from the Amazon Baby Registry Team, adorned with an adorable diapered tot crawling across the top, informed recipients that "a gift is on its way" and invited recipients to check their Thank You List to keep track of gifts that had already been purchased for them.

The ultimate gift for many, though, it appears is bewilderment.

One CNET employee who received the Amazon email said she was initially confused because she isn't pregnant and has never had a baby registry at Amazon. 

"I have purchased a gift off a baby registry on Amazon," said Liza Babcock, a CNET product manager, adding the email left her very confused. "I don't think that has anything to do with this."

Babcock wasn't the only one. Twitter erupted with similar notes of puzzlement.

Rest easy. Amazon doesn't have access to your fertility test results. The internet retailer said a "technical glitch" gave birth to the inadvertent gift alerts.

"We apologize for any confusion this may have caused," an Amazon spokesperson said, adding it will contact affected customers.

The contact will likely be by email, not stork.

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