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Office 2.0: Open for Business

These sites focus on what happens after your business is up and running, such as how you handle payments and siphoning contact information.

This group of presenters at Under the Radar is focused on tools that let regular people (read: not coders) create Web sites and tools to make things easy for site visitors and customers.

My Payment Network provides small-businesses and education payment systems aimed at cutting administrative costs and the hassle of paper checks. For schools, it's a chance to add an online payment system for things like sports enrollment fees, and equipment costs. For small businesses, it's another way to handle payment processing. My Payment Network is comparable to PayPal, but offers customizable controls for those in charge of collecting the money.

SiteKreatoris a Wysiwygeditor that lets users build and design complex sites through a Web-based editor. CEO Ivaylo Lenkov just spent a few minutes putting a site together using their new plasticy-theme, Aurora, and showed off some of the other slick-looking designs (not to be confused with "templates.") SiteKreator has several subscription models, ranging from a free, ad-supported sites, all the way to paid-for business plans. Previous coverage here.

Terapad is a hosted, Wysiwyg, blog service. What separates it from something like WordPressis the option to add and manage various components, such as an online store, a job board, or photo galleries. It has the standard content management tools like page templates and a blogging tool, along with aggregation tools for popular Web services like Flickr, Diggand MySpace. We took a hands-on look with Terapad in January.

Wufoo is a form-building tool that can be integrated into your Web site. There's a Wysiwyg, drag-and-drop interface to build and design forms. We use Wufoo at Webware to take care of our "Contact Us" form and it works great. Wufoo is working to build integration with PayPal to add payment tools to your site. Previous coverage here.