Obama and Biden memes deliver post-election comic relief

Social Cues: Also trending on social media are Donald Trump's new chief strategist and World Diabetes Day.

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The internet is having a caption contest with Obama-Biden photos in the latest meme to hit the web.

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Social media seems to be settling back to normal after the Election Day frenzy, but there are still plenty of political memes to go around.

Twitter and Facebook users, for instance, are still laser-focused on President-elect Donald Trump's moves, such as his choice for chief strategist.

Social Cues is our guide to what people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what's trending on social media this Monday:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: Trump's visit to the White House has given birth to a new meme. It leans on pictures of Obama and Biden, with the president playing the straight man to the vice president's antics. The meme imagines scenarios in which Obama must deal with Biden bullying Trump as the president-elect gets ready to move into the White House. That was all over Facebook and Twitter by Monday morning.

John Oliver: The "Last Week Tonight" host spent the entire episode on Sunday on the 2016 presidential election. Oliver slammed Trump as a "Klan-backed misogynist internet troll," urging Americans to stay vigilant regarding the president-elect. Clips from the episode have gone viral as top trends on both Facebook and Twitter. A 30-minute segment from the episode is the No. 4 trending video on YouTube as well, reaching more than 748,000 views just hours after it was uploaded.

Breitbart's Steve Bannon: Trump has tapped the former head of Breitbart News as his chief strategist. The decision has spurred a backlash on social media, with Twitter users quick to call out, among other things, Bannon's history from his divorce documents where he was accused of anti-Semitic remarks.

#SignsImAGrownUp: It's hard moment when you realize your childhood is history, something that Twitter users are reckoning with on Monday. According to the trending hashtag, being an adult means a pretty bleak future, in which you never have enough money and you're always tired. Peter Pan had it right all along.

World Diabetes Day: Monday marks the birthday of Frederick Banting, the man who helped discover insulin. With half of the world's adults with diabetes unaware they have it, the World Diabetes Day initiative urges them to get tested. The international day of awareness was trending on Facebook and Twitter, with the help of a Google Doodle about Banting.

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