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Now, Java as international diplomat

Sun will tomorrow announce deals with Taiwan to make Java a standard there.

Java is so big now that it's almost foreign policy.

Sun Microsystems' will tomorrow announce deals with Taiwanese government agencies and technology companies in a bid to make Java a standard in products developed in the island nation.

More than 22 companies and agencies will form the Java Alliance, a Sun-sponsored group that will create a testing center in Taipei and a lab in Hsinchu to focus on Java research and development, training, and promotion efforts. The lab and testing center will open later this year.

The Java Alliance will also act as an official licenser of Java technology for Taiwan, including the JavaOS, HotJava browser toolkit, and the base Java platform, which includes the Java language, Java Virtual Machine, and basic APIs for developing applications.

Taking part in the Java Alliance from the Taiwanese government will be the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Institute for Information Industry, and Industrial Development Bureau. Joining the group from the technology industry will be Acer Peripherals, ACS, ARES, AutoTech, Award Incorporated, DataSystems, Eten Data Systems, Hua-Hsing Information Systems, Lite-On Technologies, Interserv, Mirrors, Mitac, Nestor Technology, Proton, Sun Moon Star, Tatung, Trilogy, Umax, and Visionetics.

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