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Novell to marry NetWare with Java

Novell is going ahead with plans to integrate its NetWare operating system with Java.

Novell says it's ready to go ahead with plans to integrate its venerable NetWare operating system with the rising star of the network business, the Java programming language.

The next step in Novell's plan, to be announced tomorrow, will be the fall release of a NetWare software developer's kit for Java, including an early engineering release of Java running on NetWare. The SDK will help developers start creating Java applications that run on NetWare clients and will include Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine. Novell is also negotiating with Borland International and others to include NetWare support for several just-in-time compilers that will speed Java performance.

The adoption of Java for NetWare is part of a larger plan to change the NetWare model by giving developers a broader range of tools and the ability to more easily create applications that run on either the client or the server, according to Gary Mueller, vice president of Novell's developer services division.

Starting in June, Novell will also submit to JavaSoft the first in a series of proposals to extend the Java programming environment, eventually allowing access to NetWare Directory Services and file- and print-sharing services and extending Java communications models beyond TCP/IP.

Novell first announced its intention to license Java in March.

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