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Novell buys 2nd semi-irrelevant company this quarter (SiteScape and now PlateSpin)

Novell has no strategy. What else is new?

Novell announced today that they were looking to acquire PlateSpin, a Canadian company that makes software to manage virtualized servers.

I guess Novell is taking the land-grab path to get something in the virtual space but I can't see how the acquisition of SiteScape makes any sense. For that matter, PlateSpin may work in theory but regardless of what Ron Hovsepian thinks, this doesn't present a clear strategy.

At this point, what is Novell? It's clearly not an open source company.

Neither of the recent Novell acquisitions:
-Have a large volume of customers
-Are open source
-Have complimentary architectures (I think they are both Java but not sure)

When the Novell team asks why we always pick on the company during the Open Season podcasts, I wonder if they read their own news.