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Nokia Lumia phones to expand to Verizon

Verizon Wireless will join AT&T and T-Mobile as the next Lumia carrier in the U.S., says a Nokia VP.

Nokia's Lumia 900.
Nokia's Lumia 900. CNET

Verizon customers looking to buy a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone may soon get their wish.

The Lumia lineup is headed to Verizon, according to comments made by Richard Kerris, Nokia's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. In an interview with tech enthusiast site Neowin, Kerris said that "it won't be long" before Lumia phones are available to Verizon customers, though he didn't reveal an exact time frame or which models might pop up.

AT&T and T-Mobile are currently the only U.S. carriers that offer the Lumia handsets. Nokia has been counting on phones such as the Lumia 900 to spur sales. Recent reports suggest that the Lumia triggered healthy sales at the outset. But the phone failed to sustain its initial high demand in the face of continued competition from the iPhone and Android.

Kerris noted that Nokia's 41-megapixel PureView camera would soon reach the Lumia lineup.

He also openly acknowledged that Nokia has seen better days but believes that new products will help the company recover from its current downturn.

Nokia may also have other Lumia devices up its corporate sleeve.

Hints of a Nokia Lumia 910 and a Nokia Lumia 1001 have been detected via a software tool called Nokia's Remote Device Access, says blogging site

Using this developer's tool, Dutch Web site (English translation) uncovered certain details on a Lumia 910, including a dual-core chip, a minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels, a screen size of at least 4.3 inches like its 900 predecessor, and possibly equipped with Windows Phone 8.

Tapping into the same tool, TechCrunch found reference to a Lumia 1001 phone, wondering whether this could be the first Windows Phone 8 device slated to hit the marketplace.