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Nokia's revamped Here Maps aims to get you places with bold colors

The new look for Here Maps focuses on distinct colors and stark contrasts.

Bold road networks should make it easier to find your way around. Nokia

Nokia has updated the look and feel of its Here Maps service, sprucing up its Web presence with a colorful new style that should prove easier to navigate.

The maps sport what Nokia considers a more intuitive design, intended to make them easier to read. Roads have been revamped, with varying thicknesses and starker colors serving to illustrate differences between major and minor roads. In San Francisco, for example, major freeways are shaded in bright pink, streets are yellow, and smaller, less-trafficked side streets are shaded in white -- this keeps the entirety of the road network understandable at various zoom levels.

Terrain shading has also been added, in an effort to differentiate rural and mountainous areas from the rest of a town or city. The aim is to make things easier to parse at a glance: you'll likely be able to tell the difference between a golf course and an intersection once you arrive at your destination, but starker, saturated colors should help clear things up while you're planning your trip.

You can check out the new Here Maps at or over at Yahoo Maps, where the new designs are already up. Later this year the revamped design will be making its way to Android, iOS, and "other mobile operating systems" care of the Here SDK. If you'd like to see the maps in action, as well as some of the thought that goes into their design, check out Nokia's video below.