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Nokia and Microsoft launch Communicator Mobile app: Does the business

Nokia is looking to carve out a greater share of the business-phone market by snuggling up to Microsoft's systems, with the launch of the Communicator Mobile app

Nokia is lashing its business phones to Microsoft's business software with the launch of the Communicator Mobile application. The app ties Nokia phones into Microsoft Exchange and Office, in an attempt to stake out a greater share of the working-stiffs market.

The Communicator Mobile application shows whether your contacts are available, so you can choose the best way to communicate with them. If they're free, you can choose to start an instant-message chat. If they're busy, you can drop them an email or a text.

Nokia and Microsoft joined forces in August 2009. Nokia wants to break the BlackBerry's traditional dominance of the business sector by hooking its phones directly into Microsoft's desktop set-up. Communicator Mobile will automatically tie contact information directly into the Microsoft Exchange servers already running most businesses' communications. The idea is to gazump the iPhone and Google Android phones, which require you to manually join your accounts together with your handset.

Communicator Mobile will be available for the Nokia E72 and Nokia E52 at first, with other E-series phones to follow. It'll be pre-installed on future smart phones, but, for now, you can download it from the Ovi Store. Other apps for accessing Exchange and Office from your Nokia handset are in the works.

Do you use your phone for business? Would you dump your BlackBerry or iPhone for a Nokia that offers seamless integration with your work systems? Comments in the usual place, working people of Britain.