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No, Trump didn't delete global-warming tweet during debate

Twitter goes aflutter with an accusation the candidate was deleting damning tweets during the debate. Problem is, he didn't.

Deleted? No.

Predictably, the first debate for the 2016 presidential election generated a lot of tweets supporting and criticizing things spoken by the two candidates.

One of the hottest was one that claimed that Republican nominee Donald Trump was deleting tweets during the debate. A Twitter user named Juan Vidal, who claimed to be a writer and book critic for NPR, published an image of one of Trump's tweets from 2012 about global warming with a message overlay saying the tweet had been deleted. It had at least 35,000 retweets at one time.

Problem is, despite racking up thousands of retweets, it didn't happen. Indeed, clicking on a deleted tweet takes you to a standard page with a message that says, "Sorry, that page doesn't exist." And at least a few other Twitter users were already pointing out that the Trump tweet in question was still live.

Here is Trump's original note, sans delete note.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the original tweet featured a doctored image. It was deleted before the debate was finished, and Juan Vidal's Twitter account was not accepting direct messages.

Twitter and the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.