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No clear path to Net privacy

U.S. and international regulators struggle to map out a standard for who can have access to personal data online and how that data can be used.


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FTC struggles to protect children
The Federal Trade Commission is knee-deep in a rule-making process to implement the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act passed by Congress last October.

U.S. still deadlocked with EU on privacy
Despite optimistic reports, the United States and European Union are not headed toward a compromise over a strict EU privacy law that threatens to cut off the transfer of personal information.

DoubleClick not worried about privacy charges
Even as privacy advocates get ready to mount a campaign against its deal to merge with cataloger Abacus Direct, the online ad firm says there's not a problem.

Consumer group to fight DoubleClick deal
A group of consumer advocates plans to demand that federal regulators block the proposed $1 billion DoubleClick-Abacus merger, criticizing the deal as an assault on personal privacy.