Nintendo crushes it in 2008 console sales

Although it still lags Sony in lifetime sales, Nintendo's Wii and DS sold like hotcakes during the year, NPD reports, leaving PlayStation sales in the dust.

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The Wii is the winner for 2008
The Wii is the winner for 2008 Nintendo
The latest data from research firm NPD Group shows that while Sony's PlayStation 2 retains the top lifetime sales spot, Nintendo's Wii and DS topped the U.S. game console sales chart for 2008.

The big shocker in the 2008 numbers is the fact that Nintendo sold nearly as many DS units as Wii units. DS sales accounted for nearly triple the amount of PS3 units sold. Who would have thought that Nintendo would become a dominant force again?

Total U.S. hardware sales for 2008

  1. Wii - 10,224,400
  2. Nintendo DS - 9,951,500
  3. Xbox 360 - 4,735,200
  4. PlayStation Portable - 3,829,300
  5. PlayStation 3 - 3,685,000
  6. PlayStation 2 - 2,106,100*

Lifetime U.S. hardware sales, as of December 2008:

  1. PlayStation 2 - 43.22 million
  2. Nintendo DS - 27.60 million
  3. Wii - 17.60 million
  4. PlayStation Portable 14.30 million
  5. Xbox 360 - 13.89 million
  6. PlayStation 3 - 6.94 million

Via Shacknews.