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NFL teams face steep fines for social media posts

The league is cracking down with new policy that cordons off game footage to teams' official websites.


The NFL is cracking down on GIFs and videos on social media.

Diamond Images/Getty Images

The NFL is throwing flags for GIFs and videos -- at least when it comes to teams posting footage of football games.

Teams that post videos and animated GIFs of games -- including highlights, reactions, and anything shot in stadiums -- to social media will face hefty fines, according to memos ESPN reported on earlier Monday. They also can't use Facebook Live or Periscope, owned by Twitter, to stream anything in the stadium.

Violations will cost teams up to $25,000 upon the first strike, up to $50,000 the second time and up to $100,000 for each violation after that. The rule goes into effect Wednesday.

The thinking behind the policy is that the NFL wants to maintain strict control of whatever footage makes its way onto the internet, so the league wants to cordon off videos and GIFs to the teams' official websites.

"We strive to have a club social policy that strikes the right balance of enabling our clubs to drive meaningful reach and engagement with their fans across social platforms," an NFL spokesman said in a statement. "At the same time, the league and clubs retain the right value in marketplace that exists with our social media platform partnerships."