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Nexus 7 gets homescreen rotation with Android 4.1.2 update

Google has released a new version of Android Jelly Bean, bringing landscape mode to its 7-inch tablet.

Google's Nexus 7 can go swivel, thanks to a software update that brings landscape mode to the 7-inch tablet's homescreen. That means when you turn the tablet sideways, all your apps turn with you, so you don't have to keep switching it round when you're flicking between a video and other stuff.

The search giant has deployed the 4.1.2 update to its Android operating system -- a relatively minor upgrade to Jelly Bean, but one that brings the ability to spin your tablet's home screen.

The update is arriving on Nexus 7 devices already, EE Times reports, promising improved performance and stability, as well as bug fixes. The update will likely hit other Nexus devices (I'm looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Nexus) before very long.

It's possible the 4.1.2 update won't be cutting-edge for long, as LG is reportedly cooking up a Nexus device of its own, which is rumoured to land running Android 4.2.

That won't be a proper software sequel to Jelly Bean apparently, only a further iteration of Google's most recent major update. When Jelly Bean has reached the end of its natural life, Google is expected to replace it with Android Key Lime Pie, in standard alphabetical fashion.

Jelly Bean is the slickest version of Android yet, bringing interface tweaks and a new feature called Google Now, which when summoned tells you what it thinks you're likely to want to know, based on things like your location and search history. Spooky.

Android is getting better all the time, but most manufacturers are doing a rubbish job of keeping up, taking ages to update their mobiles to the latest version. The fragmentation caused by that software spread is one reason the iPhone gets new apps first, according to the BBC.

Are you a Nexus fanatic? How would you improve Android? Paint me a landscape in the comments or on our portrait-format Facebook wall.

Image credit: EE Times