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NewsGator buys Mac syndication software maker

The Web syndication software maker acquires NetNewsWire, a Macintosh-based newsreader program.

Web syndication software maker NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire, a Macintosh-based newsreader program.

NewsGator CTO Greg Reinacker said that the move allows the company to expand its Really Simple Syndication (RSS) software onto Mac desktops.

"Many of our online customers who are Mac users have asked if we had plans to extend our product platform to the Mac desktop," Reinacker said in a statement. "NetNewsWire is the dominant RSS application for the Mac OS, and was an obvious choice for us."

In May, NewsGator scooped up rival Bradbury Software.

In addition to NetNewsWire and other dedicated RSS readers, Web browsers such as Apple Computer's Safari and the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox include RSS-reading abilities. Microsoft is also adding RSS support to the next version of its Internet Explorer browser as well as throughout the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.