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10x10 offers visual mashup of the hour's world news.

Unlike the many mashups that use the Google API to aggregate news, 10x10 uses the RSS feeds from the BBC World Edition, New York Times International News and Reuters World News to create a visual mashup of the world's most popular news.

10x10 for December 18

About every hour, the top 100 words from those feeds are chosen through 10x10's own linguistic analysis. Corresponding images for those words, used editorially from the news sites' own stories, are then displayed.

The images are listed from left to right and top to bottom in order of importance. (The No. 1 keyword is the upper-left corner image.) Clicking on an image pops up a list of headlines related to that image, as well as a link to them.

A mashup history is kept so that you can search for the 100 most popular words by date and hour.

David Krane, director of corporate communications for Google, said on his personal blog that he liked the mashup so much, he suggested adding 10x10 to Google News.