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News Roundup: Google Video ads, AT&T IPTV, MySpace Mexico, Netscape 9.0

We round up Web news from all over.

-- Google expands video ad test. Not to be confused with ads placed in user-generated videos on Google Video and YouTube, these video ads from Google will be embedded videos on the page that users must click on to begin. Google is now partnering with content providers such as The Wall Street Journal and Epicurious.com to bring Adsense video ads. (CNET News.com)

-- AT&T to ramp up IPTV rollouts. While Joost and Babelgum have made some noise among the blogs, the prospect of watching IPTV programming on an actual TV is coming closer to being a reality. AT&T is planning on getting IPTV to eight million homes by the end of the year. (CNET News.com)

-- MySpace confirms upcoming launch of Mexican version. Rupert Murdoch wants to say "hola" to the one million-plus MySpace users from Mexico who will have their own localized version of the site in just a few weeks. (CNET News.com)

--Netscape 9 standalone browser to integrate social bookmarking features. The once dominant browser that gave birth to the now popular Firefox is getting a facelift and an upgrade with some tie-ins to the Netscape.com democratic news service. Users will be able to check mail, friend activity, and add stories to the Netscape.com home page with integrated browser buttons. (The Netscape Blog)

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