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News Roundup

Web 2.0 News from around the Web

-- IE 7 reaches 100 million users. Even with all those users, it still comes in second to Internet Explorer 6, which makes sense considering IE6 is the default browser on nearly every single PC. (

-- Google plugs account hijack holes. The vulnerabilities in question affected both Google Documents and GMail, giving hackers full access to your e-mail and spreadsheets. (

-- Report: Apple to charge some Mac users for wireless technologies. 802.11n, the next-generation wireless protocol, has secretly been shipping in Apple's computers for the past several months, but that functionality hasn't been turned on. Apple is reportedly planning to charge users $4.99 for an installer that will enable the 802.11n functionality on their Macs. (

-- British band's breakthrough another online victory. The relatively unknown band Koopa, came in at no. 31 on the U.K. pop charts due to the new system that counts digital downloads instead of just CD sales. (

-- AOL phisher faces up to 101 years in prison. Phisher Jeffrey Brett Goodin will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of fraudulently pretending to be AOL's billing department. This is also the first conviction by jury of the Can-Spam Act of 2003. (