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New Yelp site highlights your social connections

Yelp rolls out its new homepage today, putting the focus on what your friends are yelping about.

A Yelp screenshot of what its new homepage will look like for connected Yelpers.
Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

Yelp has revamped its homepage to integrate more social elements into the user experience, the company announced on its blog today. Yelp is rolling out the new site over the next few weeks.

The new interface means you will find it easier to access what your friends are yelping about.

The new features includes a newsfeed of sorts that will show your friends' activity on the site, including comments, check-ins, photos and tips. Users will also be able to comment on friends' activity.

Yelp has its own member profiles, but it also has an option to import your friends from Facebook or via email.

"Our team spent a lot of time talking to a bunch of hardcore Yelpers and researching how people used the old homepage. We think you'll like the new one even more once you've had a chance to toy with it," the blog post by Yelp Product Manager Mark Allen.