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New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer pregnant

Former Google VP tapped to lead the struggling Web pioneer announces on Twitter that she and her husband are expecting a son in October.

Marissa Mayer, the Google vice president tapped today to lead Yahoo, announced this evening that she is pregnant.

Mayer, who was a surprise choice over interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, announced on Twitter this evening that she and her husband are expecting a boy in October.

Mayer, 37, told Fortune that she revealed her pregnancy to Yahoo's board of directors late last month and that none of the directors raised any concerns. "They showed their evolved thinking," she said.

Mayer, who starts her new job at Yahoo tomorrow, expects her maternity leave to be brief.

"My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it," she told Fortune.

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Marissa Mayer James Martin/CNET

Her husband, Zack Bogue, is a co-founder of private-equity firm Montara Capital Partners. He recently launched an investment fund called Data Collective. The couple were married in December 2009 on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

Mayer, Google's first female engineer and the No. 20 employee hired overall, announced her departure today for the top job at struggling Web pioneer Yahoo. During her tenure at the Web giant, Mayer supervised the fast-growing search business that proved key to Google's growth during the past decade.

But as Yahoo's fifth CEO in five years, she will be tasked with trying to reinvigorate a Web pioneer that has struggled to compete for ad dollars with Google and Facebook.

During the first quarter of 2012, Yahoo posted revenue of $1.077 billion, representing just a 1 percent increase over the year-earlier period. That relatively flat revenue figure resulted from a 4 percent decrease in display advertising revenue and an 8 percent increase in search revenue.