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New wearable cameras for Google Helpouts headed to CES

The search giant has partnered with Ambarella, a company that provides low-power HD video-compression services, to deliver the wearable tech.


Google has signed on with a video-compression company to offer up a new technology for its Helpouts service.

Ambarella announced Friday that it has been working with Google to build a wearable camera that can be used during Hangouts. The technology's reference design is expected to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

Google's Helpouts service was announced last month as a tool for users to get help with different tasks. The marketplace is run by Helpout providers who set up a one-on-one Google+ Hangout session to work on a particular issue. All the providers are vetted and are given a background check, and can offer their sessions for free or charge a price.

According to Ambarella, the cameras will record in full HD while streaming video over the Web. The technology also can stabilize video while in motion.