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New video service on the way from the inventors of ICQ

What is Knocka.TV, and why do you need it? We're not sure about either.

There's a new social network/video discovery service on the way. It's name is Knocka.TV, and I've got to hand it to them--the service isn't even open to the public yet, and there's already a play reel of nearly 30 video clips on the landing page that make it look like a lot of fun. It looks like a hybrid of Joost, StumbleUpon, and YouTube, with some TV-like qualities such as timeslots and user-controlled programming (akin to MTV's Total Request Live and Direct Connect). There could also be a social networking component with user profiles, and prestige points based on a few hints given away in the clip roll.

According to the service's About page, the creators are the same folks who invented ICQ, the popular instant messaging client, presumably before it got purchased by AOL in 1998. Also, as a word of warning: if you're checking this out at work, the video that autoplays when you visit the site is loud and has a clip with women in bikinis.

[via TechCrunch]

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