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New Groupon CEO won't be named until next year

That's the claim from the company's interim CEOs, who say that they're "not in a rush" for a new leader to be chosen.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason
Groupon CEO Andrew Mason
Dan Farber/CNET

Groupon is not racing to find a new CEO, say the interim leaders who've been running the show since the company's founder resigned earlier this year.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview published on Tuesday, Groupon's interim CEOs Ted Leonsis and Eric Lefkosky said that "are not in a rush" to name a new, permanent chief executive, adding that they have only just kicked off the process of finding a replacement.

"We want to bring in a world-class leader, but the talent pool is not huge," Leonsis told the Journal. "You probably won't see a new leader until the new year."

Former CEO Andrew Mason founded Groupon with the idea of delivering daily deals to customers. Despite mammoth initial growth that led the company to go public, things have soured and shares have plummeted. Mason resigned from his post on February 28, leaving Leonsis and Lefkosky to run the company until a permanent replacement could be named. Their focus to this point has been on expanding the mobile side of Groupon's business and helping its operation grow overseas.