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New Google Calendar feature finds time in your schedule to fulfill your goals

Tapping machine learning, Google's new assistive feature chooses the best times for your activity to help you keep on track.

Google knows you have goals, and it wants to help you find time to achieve them, whether it's exercising, spending time with family or developing a skill. The Web giant on Tuesday introduced a new assistive feature to Google Calendar that help you find time in your busy schedule for your desired activity.

After asking a few simple questions about what type of goal you have and how often and what time you want to attempt them, Google looks at your schedule to find the best time window and pencils it into your calendar. If a conflict comes up, Google isn't going to let you off the hook. Goals will automatically reschedule your activity if it identifies a time conflict with your goal. You can also put off the goal and the feature will reschedule it for another time.

The feature also promises to get better the more you use it, thanks to the same kind of machine learning algorithms Google already uses to deliver search results, help translate languages and identify objects in photos. The more you complete or defer your goals on a normal basis, the better the scheduling becomes, Google promises.

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