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Yes, that's a new CNET iOS app for you (and some other big stuff)

You asked, we delivered: a wholly new iOS app that puts CNET's best work front-and-center and lets you filter by where you live. (Don't worry -- Android is coming soon. And Windows Phone is already here.)

The CNET iOS app's open screen (left) makes all of CNET's work the hero. Our mobile reviews (right) put all the info you need front-and-center.

Two things happened last week at CNET -- two big things.

First, we're happy to share CNET's totally rewritten iOS app, which was just released in the App Store. The new app does a lot of compelling things and fixes some bugs, but we're most proud of its most-basic improvement: It's a real looker. Load the app, and the first thing you see is the content, from tech news scoops to our world-class reviews. We give as much real estate as possible to what you want to see: photos, videos, writing.

Of course, the CNET app is useful, too: If you're standing in a store and want a review of a gadget you're considering buying, our product finder and bar-code scanner (available via the search icon) get the job done. (Don't fret, Android-running friends: Our Android app update is well under way -- you should expect it in four to six weeks.) Want our new CNET Windows Phone 8 app? We've got that one ready, too.

Which leads me to the second exciting thing that happened at CNET last week: We are now 100-percent united with our global teams. Earlier in the spring, CNET UK joined the team from London, and as of now, the CNET editorial team in Australia is part of our global family, writing from tomorrow. (Actually, they're writing from Sydney, but for those of us in CNET's San Francisco flagship, the 17-hour time difference feels profound.)

In our new app, you'll be able to select which global edition you want to read -- UK, Australia, US, or CNET en Español. The version you choose will deliver tech news, reviews, and videos from around the globe interwoven with news written for your region by journalists inside your region or in your language.

Please download and enjoy the new look and the global journalism, and by all means share your feedback in the comments. It's all helpful, the good and the bad.