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New Breaking Bad on Netflix UK 'before lunchtime' today

Episode 9 of the fifth season should be online and ready to view within a few hours, according to Netflix. Update: It's here!

Update: That was quick! The episode is now live, available for your streaming pleasure. The original story follows.

Those of you wondering when the new episodes of Breaking Bad will arrive on Netflix UK don't have long to wait -- the episode should land on the streaming service within a few hours.

Taking to Twitter to calm impatient fans, Netflix UK says the first episode of season 5 part 2, titled 'Blood Money', will be available "before lunchtime".

When precisely "before lunchtime" means isn't at all clear, but suggests Netflix doesn't have a precise publication schedule, and will simply be uploading the episode to its streaming platform as soon as possible.

I'd guess we can expect the first new episode at noon or perhaps 1pm -- perfect lunch-break viewing, perhaps, for those working stiffs who can access Netflix, and don't mind violent drama being beamed out of their office computers.

The rights to stream the final episodes of Breaking Bad is a real coup for Netflix, which gets access to the episodes a day after they've aired in the US.

There are eight episodes to come, and they'll arrive on Netflix every Monday. Netflix costs £6 per month, and has previously experimented with making its own TV shows, including the acclaimed House of Cards.

To while away the intermediate hours, why not peruse our interview with the star of Breaking Bad, the menacing Bryan Cranston, then let me know on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited you are about the final episodes in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.