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New beta of Oracle browser has Java

Oracle posted a new version of its Web browser that supports Java.

Oracle this week posted a new version of its Web browser that supports Java, ahead of a Java-enabled beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 that is expected to debut in coming weeks.

Oracle, like Microsoft, faces an uphill battle in its attempt to dislodge Netscape Communications from its dominant position in the market for Web browsers. According to March report from market research firm Dataquest, Netscape Navigator makes up 85 percent of the browsers on the Internet.

But Oracle is focusing its efforts on the corporate intranet market, which is not accounted for in the Dataquest report. By adding Java support to PowerBrowser 1.5, the database company may also have a better chance competing against Navigator, which has supported Java since last year.

PowerBrowser 1.5, which runs on Windows 3.1, 95, and NT, also includes Basic scripting capabilities, a built-in Web server, and support for Netscape plug-ins.