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Network Ten's Tenplay launches for Android

Network Ten's catch-up service has been launched for the Android platform.

Network Ten's catch-up service has been launched for the Android platform.

(Credit: Network Ten)

After the launch for iOS in September last year — joining the web, Xbox and Sony Bravia platforms — Network Ten's Tenplay service is now also available for Android users.

The service allows viewers to access programs shown on Ten, Eleven and One immediately after they have aired on television, along with real-time viewing of news and sporting events, and exclusive Tenplay content. Users can also curate personalised playlists of their favourite shows, set up reminders, and access a full TV guide.

"We're delighted to be able to offer Android users the tenplay experience," said Network Ten chief digital officer Rebekah Horne. "Since it launched last year, Tenplay has been an immediate hit with consumers, who have recognised it as one of the best digital entertainment platforms in Australia. Tenplay extends the traditional television watching experience by offering personalised, cross-platform content delivery, designed with the user experience as the top priority. It's the perfect catch-up platform, giving people a way to access our content wherever and whenever they choose."

A Tenplay app for Android tablets will be launched soon, and a Windows mobile app is in development.

You can download the Tenplay Android app for free on Google Play.