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Netscape's path: From pioneer to AOL property

Netscape, a pioneer of the Internet, will cease to exist as an independent company with its buyout by AOL.

Netscape, a pioneer of the Internet, will cease to exist as an independent company with its buyout by America Online. The following are some highlights of Netscape's history.

Apr 1994 Company founded by Jim Clark, a Ph.D. who previously was chairman of Silicon Graphics; and Marc Andreessen, who helped create the Mosaic browser for the Internet while he was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. Financial backers include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Dec 1994 Netscape Navigator browser, Netscape Commerce and Communications servers ship
Jan 1995 Jim Barksdale, former chief executive of AT&T Wireless Services, joins Netscape as CEO
May 1995 Netscape licenses Sun's Java programming language
Aug 1995 Netscape announces initial public offering of 5 million shares of stock
Sept 1995 Netscape buys Collabra Software
Feb 1996 Netscape ships Navigator 2.0
March 1996 Netscape announces SuiteSpot and FastTrack Server products
June 1996 Navigator surpasses 38 million users
Aug 1996 Netscape forms Navio Communications, focusing on Internet and non-PC devices
Oct 1996 Netscape posts quarterly revenues of $100 million for the third quarter; files for secondary offering of 5 million shares
Nov 1996 Netscape shows Constellation, a component of Communicator, at Comdex
Apr 1997 Netcaster launched as another component of Communicator
May 1997 Navio merges with Oracle's Network Computer
Oct 1997 America Online and Netscape announce plans to launch Netscape's AOL Instant Messenger
Nov 1997 Netscape buys Kiva Software
Jan 1998 Netscape posts a net loss for the quarter ended December 31 and cuts 300 jobs, its first layoffs

Under pressure from the growth of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape announces that the Communicator product and its source code will be offered free. It focuses on two businesses: the Internet and enterprise software

Feb 1998 Membership in Netcenter surpasses 3 million
March 1998 Barksdale testifies about Microsoft's market dominance in hearings on Capitol Hill
May 1998 Netscape and Excite announce Internet partnership
Nov 1998 Netscape is bought by America Online for $4.2 billion in stock, ending the company's independent existence
Source: Netscape and staff research