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Netscape, Excite do foreign news

The companies announce an alliance under which Excite will produce a new navigational service providing international information.

Netscape Communications (NSCP) and Excite (XCIT) have announced an alliance under which the search engine company will produce a new navigational service providing international information.

Dubbed International Netscape Guide by Excite, it will be offered for Japan and Germany in the third quarter and for France and United Kingdom in the fourth quarter. Netscape struck a similar partnership with Yahoo for the domestic market in March, creating a site that went live in April.

For Netscape, the deal is a chance to generate revenues from its valuable Web site real estate--among the most traveled on the Internet--without producing content. For Excite, it is a chance to become a more global brand and create new advertising revenues.

Excite will be responsible for the programming, production, operations, and ad sales of the service. Financial terms were not disclosed, but sources said it involved a revenue split.

The international guide will offer local news, information, and entertainment. It will replace the international version of Netscape's Destination page.

The guide will be organized into a channel format focused around topics. They initially will include business and finance, computers and the Internet, fun and games, automotive and motoring, shopping, sport, travel, news, and weather.

Tomorrow, Netscape will announce that it will feature Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, and Yahoo in a new international Net search program. Dubbed International Netscape Net search, it provides a search function to users of international Netscape Web sites.