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Netscape adds travel to Netcenter

The company launches a cobranded travel area with popular service Travelocity, in an effort to compete with other Net giants.

Jeff Pelline Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Jeff Pelline is editor of CNET News.com. Jeff promises to buy a Toyota Prius once hybrid cars are allowed in the carpool lane with solo drivers.
Jeff Pelline
Continuing to expand its online service called Netcenter, Netscape Communications today announced the launch of Netcenter Travel by Travelocity, a cobranded service that lets users make flight, rental car, and hotel reservations online.

It comes in the wake of other added features on Netcenter, such as a "marketplace" that lets Netizens buy computers, software, books, and music online. Netcenter launched last September and says it has 2.6 million members.

Netscape, which specializes in selling client and server software, increasingly is relying on revenue from its Web site to bolster profitability. But it faces stiff competition in all its lines of business. Companies such as Yahoo, Excite, and Microsoft are providing similar services on their Web sites.

Travel is one of hottest categories featured by the online services and Net search directories. In dollars, it is the largest consumer spending category online, analysts say.

Travelocity is owned by the Sabre Group, which provides electronic distribution of travel services. Sabre is 82 percent owned by the parent of American Airlines.

Netscape has struck partnerships with other companies such as Amazon.com and Music Boulevard for its Netcenter site.