Netflix Is Making It Easier for You to Keep Up With New Releases

Your TV screen will help you quickly track what's streaming next.

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Kourtnee Jackson
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Netflix logo on a phone

My List is getting some love.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Netflix has begun rolling out a new update this week for its TV app to help you keep up with the streaming service's latest releases. A Coming Soon row is being added to the home screen to let viewers know when TV series and movies are arriving and the option to set reminders. 

Currently, subscribers can navigate to the New & Popular menu to scroll through rows for Coming Next Week, Coming This Week or Worth the Wait. While those carousels will still be available, the prominent placement of Coming Soon can help eliminate the need to click anywhere else in the app to find release date information. The new feature is being introduced globally.

netflix coming soon row on a TV screen

Netflix's new Coming Soon row will greet viewers with the TV app.


It's one of the newest updates for Netflix, which recently refreshed its My List feature on iOS and Android. If you love to stream on your mobile device, you'll be able to organize your watch list by using a new set of filters and sorting functions. The update first hit Android on May 22, with iOS devices following over the coming weeks. 

What's new? Netflix viewers can choose from four filters to make it easier to sift through My List: Movies, TV Shows, Haven't Started and Started. You'll also be able to sort alphabetically, according to the date added to your watch list or a release date. And if you want to delete something from your list, all you have to do is swipe the title. 

Netflix also made some recent upgrades to its suite of accessibility features, including enhancements to audio description and ways to modify subtitle settings on TVs. To learn more about Netflix's features, check out our cheat sheet of tips and this guide to secret codes.