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Netflix limits number of times you can download some content

It's not clear just what that number is, Android Police reports, and the streaming giant only tells you about it when you're almost out of downloads.

But there's a catch. Some content reportedly can only be downloaded a certain number of times. 

Life got easier for on-the-go Netflix customers late last year when the streaming giant added support for downloading content so you can watch films and shows without an internet connection.

But there's a newly noticed catch for those of us now spoiled by the convenience. Android Police reported on Tuesday that some content can only be downloaded a specific number of times per year, and it's not clear just what that number is.

The worst part, the report says, is that Netflix doesn't warn you until your almost out of downloads.

I can just see getting that warning on a plane after I've promised my 4-year-old twins that they can watch their favorite "Sofia the First" episode as many times as they want after takeoff.

A Netflix spokeswoman said there was "nothing new here." She added that going back as far as Netflix's download feature was introduced, the company has noted on a help center link that "due to studio limits, you may not be able to renew all titles. If you are unable to renew a title but would still like to watch it, you'll need to connect to the internet to stream."