Netflix Gains Over 200,000 New Subscribers Thanks to Password Sharing Crackdown

Just been booted off someone's Netflix account after fees kicked in? Maybe you're one of the many new sign-ups for the streaming giant.

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Netflix ads tier on a phone
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Netflix has signed up hundreds of thousands of new subscribers since it started charging people extra if they have other users on their account. 

That's according to stats from streaming data analyst Antenna, as reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal. Right after those fees kicked in, Antenna says Netflix had "the four single largest days of US user acquisition" since Antenna started recording subscriptions on the streaming service four and a half years ago. 

"Based on the most current data available, Netflix saw nearly 100,000 daily sign-ups on both May 26 and May 27," Antenna said in a post. "These exceed the spikes in sign-ups Antenna observed during the initial US COVID-19 lockdowns in March and April 2020."

Cancellations have also gone up since Netflix changed its policy on who you can have on your account, but not as much as new sign-ups.

Netflix said it doesn't comment on third-party research.

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How much extra does Netflix password sharing cost?

Netflix introduced the extra charge for password sharing late last month, and it now costs you an additional $8 on top of your subscription fee to have someone not from your household using your account.

If you pay for Netflix's premium tier at $20 a month, you can add two more people to your account. If you're on the standard plan for $15.50, you can have only one extra member. The $10 basic plan doesn't allow for extra members, and if you're on Netflix's new ad-supported plan -- which already has 5 million subscribers -- and pay just $7 a month for the streaming service, you also can't add extra members. 

Netflix with ads is missing some shows and movies, but on the other hand, ads don't play before everything, CNET's review of the service found.

What to do if you're booted off someone's Netflix

If you've been sharing someone else's account for the past few years, your run of letting them foot the bill for your streaming service may be over. If they've warned you they're planning to send you packing, one thing you can do is transfer your existing profile to a new membership you pay for yourself.

If you decide Netflix is no longer worth it, other streaming services, like MaxDisney Plus, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video don't currently have an extra charge for password sharing. 

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