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Netflix launches Flixtape because music is so passe

Forget recording tapes and burning CDs -- today is all about the visuals, baby.

My personal favorite on this Flixtape might be "Firefly."

Welcome to the age of streaming playlists -- for video.

Netflix has made it easier than ever for you to give your loved ones a glimpse at your digital soul with its new Flixtape service. A Flixtape is a short playlist of streaming titles that you can share on social media or with "someone special," said Netflix on Friday.

I think all of you are super special so I made a CNET-specific Flixtape just for you!

No, I'm not old enough to have made many true tape-based mixtapes, but I burned a lot of CDs in my day. They were the perfect way to share a moment in time with someone. Flixtapes seem like a good way to make playlists for friends and family in any number of scenarios.

I predict that the "You Can't Make Me Leave the House" Flixtape or the "It's Too Sunny Outside" Flixtape will be my legacies. I've already made three Flixtapes in the last 30 minutes...I might have a problem.