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Netflix's Dave Chappelle stand-up specials to debut March 21

There's three on the way, though only two will premier in March.

Last year Netflix and Dave Chappelle announced plans for three new comedy specials, and now we know when to expect the first two.

Netflix says two of the comedian's stand-up specials will debut on March 21. No word yet on when we'll see the third. The company says the specials will be available everywhere Netflix is available (pretty much everywhere except China).

A teaser trailer for the two Netflix specials shows Chappelle sitting pensively outside at a cafe, smoking a cigarette, as an audio recording, presumably from the upcoming special, plays in the background.

The moody, black and white shot and dramatic camera movement make it look more like a French drama than your usual stand-up comedy special trailer, but considering it's Chappelle's first comedy special since 2004, the drama is warranted.

Update 1:20 p.m. PT: Added information from Netflix on availability.