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Netflix adds another top 10 ranking, this one for kids shows and movies

Netflix is also kicking off a biweekly parent email that recaps kids-profile watch history, recommends related stuff to watch recommendations and offers tools like coloring-book pages.

An illustration shows characters from Netflix programs seeming to leap out of a TV screen
Netflix's kids programming is getting its own top-10 ranking. 

Netflix unveiled another daily top 10 ranking on its streaming service Wednesday, this time calling out the 10 most popular titles being binged by slack-jawed children across your country. And yes, CoComelon is No. 1 in the US already because of course it is.

Netflix is also rolling out a biweekly email to accounts that have at least one kids profile, designed to recap what kids are watching and suggest ways to interact with them about their viewing interests. The email, which will be sent to account holders every other Friday, will include things like recommendations based on the kids account's favorite shows and movies and activities like printable coloring sheets based on them too. 

For years, Netflix was notoriously tight-lipped the popularity of its programs. But two years ago, it began dropping stats on viewing in the hope of driving buzz about its originals and wooing Hollywood talent, filmmakers and producers. Last year, it introduced a row in its apps to rank the 10 most popular titles in your country. And now, it's standard for Netflix to tout its most-watched programs by the handful and recount how many accounts viewed them multiple times a year. (Netflix's viewership stats always need big caveats. They aren't independently verified, nor are they backed up by detailed data from the company. And they aren't comparable to box office figures or the standard Nielsen ratings for TV shows.)

But Netflix, the largest subscription video service in the world with more than 207 million members, is so big that any title that's most popular there is, inarguably, insanely popular. 

The new top 10 row for kids is nearly identical in form and function to the one launched last year for the full service. One difference is that the kids top 10 will appear only on kids profiles. Small elements of the kids ranking will appear in adult profiles as well, though. For example, search results on an adult profile may show messages that a particular title is "#1 in Kids Today" or the like. 

The kids top 10, which is available in 93 countries, will feature the most popular kids titles overall across each country with a maturity rating of PG and below (or local country-level equivalent to PG). "Top 10" badges will appear on ranking titles across devices, but the kids top 10 row itself won't be available in Netflix's app for Apple TV or other, older devices where Netflix's app is in so-called "maintenance mode."

Correction, 8:53 a.m. PT: This story initially misstated the frequency of the parent email. It is sent every other week.

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