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Net usage firms join efforts

Net research firms I/Pro and Media Metrix join forces to clear up some of the mystery surrounding Web usage patterns.

Net research firms Internet Profiles Corporation (I/Pro) and Media Metrix joined forces to clear up some of the mystery surrounding Web usage patterns.

The two firms today released the results of a collaborative study, titled "The Web in Perspective: A Comprehensive Review of Web Usage."

Media Metrix--best known for its lists of most-visited Web sites--uses its PC Meter software to track individual user demographics and behavior. I/Pro, on the other hand, measures and analyzes activity at particular sites.

Some of the findings in the study are as follows:

  • Approximately 40 percent of Web growth consists of new users accessing the Web from home. Another 15 percent of the growth can be linked to increased usage among existing users. The remaining growth is a result of increased usage at work and from outside the United States.

  • Marketing and e-commerce sites were the fastest-growing type of site, increasing 500 percent in 1997.

  • Although the gender gap among users is narrowing, male Net users access more pages than their female counterparts.