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Net threats spur action on browser front

roundup Penn State says "Not IE," security experts say flaw in browsers could aid phishers, and Mozilla says it's on the move.

roundup Continuing worries about the security of Internet Explorer prompt Penn State to recommend against using the Microsoft software. But a phishing problem could hit IE, Firefox, Safari and others.

School's out to shun IE

Penn State urges students to use alternative browsers to reduce risk of attacks through flaws in the Microsoft software.
December 9, 2004

Browser phishing 'flaw' could hook users

Security issue allows an attacker to send victims to legitimate sites and then take control of pop-up windows and grab sensitive information.
December 9, 2004

Mozilla aims for mobile browser market

Various phone manufacturers are already using Minimo, a slimmed-down browser for mobile devices, Mozilla project leader says.
December 8, 2004

Eolas, Microsoft make their case--again

Microsoft and the University of California are set to make their respective cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals in a crucial Web patent fight.
December 8, 2004

Firefox's Times ad late as 10 million downloads near

Flush with cash from Firefox fans, Mozilla is now aiming to run its full-page New York Times ad by Christmas.
December 7, 2004